Written in senior year of high school, September, 1994, 
as an exercise for Public Speaking

I am Robin Sylvia

  1. I am Robin Sylvia
  2. Iím the captain of the colorguard
  3. I love Ferrets
  4. I always have a lot of energy
  5. I like to laugh
  6. Iím very close to my family
  7. I enjoy being with children
  8. I canít stand chipped nail polish or bitten fingernails
  9. Iím very stubborn
  10. I want to be accepted for who I am
  11. I dislike people who are fake
  12. I canít stand it when people blow their noses in class. I would rather hear them sniff.
  13. I donít like pig-headed males
  14. My dream is to be a model
  15. My favorite comic is Calvin and Hobbes
  16. I love to shop

I like to be loud sometimes

Robin Sylvia